Rainwater Harvesting Saves You Money, Helps Your Environment

Rainwater harvesting is a technique that might seem old-fashioned when you consider today’s water treatment needs, but this environmentally friendly method that has been used for centuries is seeing a resurgence of interest from commercial and government entities in Texas as well as by homeowners. As people realize how precious water is and how the availability of fresh, untreated water is dwindling in the San Antonio area, rainwater collection is becoming more popular. There are several reasons it’s a good idea to consider San Antonio rainwater collection for your home.

Collect rainwater for many different purposes

Rainwater that you collect for your home isn’t used for drinking or cooking, but that’s just a fraction of the ways in which you use water in your home each day. Washing clothes or dishes, bathing, flushing toilets and watering plants are just a few of the many ways this essential commodity is used for your cleaning and living purposes. In fact, most of the water consumed in your household goes toward non-drinking uses. Collecting rainwater can be an excellent way to manage a valuable resource while saving money at the same time.

Help prevent erosion and flooding

One of the primary ways rainwater harvesting helps both your family and the environment is by reducing soil erosion and the chances for flooding. You’re familiar with the minor erosion you see at your downspouts and collection points at the bottom of slopes in your yard. Rainwater collection can help prevent the problem in your yard and ultimately on a larger scale around your neighborhood and city.

Save money on your water bills

You’ll save money when you harvest the rainwater that falls on your property. Since a substantial portion of your monthly water use goes towards needs that can be met through rainwater collection, you’ll spend less of your monthly budget for municipal water usage. Communities can save money too when residents collect rainwater rather than placing demands on the water system.

Get soft water without a water softening system

Many people appreciate the value of soft water, that is, water that doesn’t have minerals such as calcium and magnesium in it. While these minerals are important in drinking water, they cause problems in washing machines, dishwashers or showers. The deposits left behind by the minerals can lead to problems for dishwashers and washing machines and are also known to affect clothes and hair washed in hard water. Many homeowners pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for systems to soften their water that could be free through rainwater harvesting.

Like many areas of the country as well as around the world, Texas is carefully managing its groundwater resources and planning for potential shortfalls due to increased population as well as impacts from climate change. San Antonio rainwater collection is an excellent way you can help your neighborhood and your city better conserve a resource that unfortunately shows signs of dwindling over the next few decades. You can use stored rainwater during times of drought without worrying that you’re helping contribute to a water shortage.

It’s not hard to collect rainwater for later use. Many residents use barrels which hold rainwater that runs through a home’s gutters. Rooftop collection methods are also available that hold water in tanks or distribute it as needed throughout the household. No matter how you collect rainwater, using this essential resource in an environmentally friendly way will help you and your neighbors greatly for years to come.

4 Reasons Why Michigan Is the Best Place to Start An At Home Based Business

With Michigan’s economy not being in the best shape, the state’s residents are continually looking for new ideas for home based businesses. Working from home is not that difficult if you have the right tools. Having an online business allows you the ultimate flexibility because you are able to work with anyone, at anytime from the comfort of your own home.

Using a Michigan Satellite Internet Service allows you to connect with consumers all over the globe. Using a satellite service instead of a cable based company offers you a constant, reliable connection no matter where you are in the state. Michigan is known for its beautiful terrain and gorgeous woodlands. All that beauty can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to receive cable service. Satellite providers, however, do not have to worry about cables. Their systems operate using a secure satellite connection.

Based on this information alone, Michigan is one of the best places for starting a home based business. Four main reasons for this include:

Flexibility – Individuals who live outside of the urban areas are limited in terms of types of employment. Opening a home based business allows a person to do something they love instead of commuting to a larger city to do something they hate.
Laws Support Home Based Businesses – The Cottage Law helps individuals who want to start a home based business get the funding they need to make things happen. This includes converting a room or building on an addition.
Ample Room for Continued Growth – Michigan is the perfect place to build a growing business. With the use of satellite internet, a person can start their business and nurture it almost anywhere in the state, even in the most remote areas. Cable cannot reach into deeply forested areas. Satellite internet service, can reach anywhere that a dish can be placed inline with a satellite signal.
Government Assistance to Home Based Business – Michigan lawmakers and government officials on the city, county and state level have put together programs that offer various types of assistance to individuals who want to open a home business.

Opening a home business in Michigan has several benefits. With the government offering support and internet satellite providers increasing the state’s serviceability, Michigan residents have the entire world at their feet when it comes to reaching out to new customers.

Surface 3 review

The Surface 3 is the long awaited new tablet/desktop hybrid from Windows in the Surface family. The Surface 3 retails at around $500 and ditches the Surface RT operating system, which, if you are a fond Windows user is a great thing. This means that you can now actually use regular windows program’s on your surface, not just the adapted ones in the app store. There are some real good and bad features about this new Surface.

The Pros

The lightest Surface yet; at 1.37 pounds and 0.34 inch thick, the Surface 3 is also a tad lighter and thinner than the Surface 2, which weighed in at around 1.49 pounds and 0.35 inch thick

Extremely versatile as both a tablet and laptop; The pro model comes with a larger kick stand on the back and the ability to link both a wireless keyboard and mouse over any other tablet means it has great functionality as a laptop. It also has a number of USB ports

Runs all Windows software; as discussed for the Surface 3 Windows killed Windows RT and returned to a normal version of its operating system. Meaning that you can run all programs on the Surface 3, not just the app specific ones.

Stylus support is a nice bonus; the Surface 3 also has a nice new feature. The unit supports stylus, which is amusing if you use the Surface to demonstrate projects to people or just have a love of using a pointer over your finger on a device.

The Cons

Keyboard is another $130; it goes without saying, if you’re buying a Surface, you want to use a keyboard. For this model it will set you back another $130.00. In addition to that the mouse will set you back another $50.

Entry model has only 2GB RAM; slightly useless for a tablet which is as big as most laptops. The 2GB RAM does struggle if you are looking to use any major software.

Not powerful enough for anything beyond basic computing; forget gaming on this little guy, the weak processor and 2BG of RAM means that the surface is better used as an assistant to your conventional PC. Don’t plan on doing any major graphics work or design level engineering on it either.

Overall the Surface 3 gives us something that no other tablet can, the feeling of a laptop.